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About GOPO®

What is GOPO®?

GOPO® (glycoside of mono and diglycerol) is the active compound isolated from the rose-hip Rosa Canina that has been clinically proven to help reduce joint pain and stiffness, improving flexibility and mobility.

Studies have shown that due to its anti-inflammatory properties, GOPO® is more effective at reducing pain and improving mobility than other supplements for joint pain, such as glucosamine.

Studies show that 82% of patients reported a reduction in pain after 3 weeks of active treatment with GOPO®.1 Taking GOPO® can also decrease the need for pain-killers and anti-inflammatory drugs by 40-50%2, and unlike prescription drugs it has no known side-effects.

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  2. Phytomedicine 11, Rein, Kharzami, Winther (January 2004)

The history of GOPO®

The story about Hyben Vital ApS starts in the 1980’s, where the just retired farmer, but still entrepreneur Erik “Farmer” Hansen  from Tullebølle got the idea that processed rose-hips may be beneficial to people.

Being somewhat of an inventor type, he also began to experiment and develop his own method of processing rose-hips in a gentle manner so the active substances were preserved.

In the year of 1995 Hyben Vital was established as a company and shortly after the first steps were taken towards an actual cultivation of wild rose-hips, and for the first time in the history of Denmark, Danish farmland was planted with a particularly yielding fruit variety of Rosa canina. 

While many people shook their heads at “The Farmer”, by the 90’s some Danish scientists took interest in the product from Langeland and today they agree that “Rose-hip helps maintain joint mobility”. 

Through the 90’s and until today a hobby business has developed step by step to a larger family owned private limited company with state of the art production equipment. The yearly production capacity is several hundred tons of rose-hip powder and today approximately 20 people are employed at a new and larger factory in Tullebølle under the management of Erik Hansen’s son Torbjørn Hansen.

Since then a number of major scientific studies and numerous articles have proved the effects from the product from Hyben Vital. This is the only product cultivated and processed specifically for this purpose.

Hyben Vital ApS decided early on to invest in obtaining scientific evidence for the product and has since spent large resources on researching the powder effects in humans and in animals.  The high efficiency of the maintenance of joint mobility is mainly attributed to the special processing method, which is patent protected securing that important substances are preserved in the product.

The production process still follows Erik “Farmer’s” basic principles:

“Careful handling of raw materials, so they retain as many active substances as possible”


Why GOPO® is unique

GOPO® has been clinically proven to help reduce joint pain and stiffness while improving flexibility and mobility. It’s an anti-flammatory which is 100% natural.


How GOPO® works

GOPO® works by discouraging large numbers of white blood cells from accumulating in the joint, therefore breaking the vicious cycle and alleviating pain.


The benefits of GOPO®

GOPO® has been evaluated in numerous rigorously-conducted, placebo-controlled clinical trials involving hundreds of patients with arthritis (both OA and RA).