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Why GOPO® is unique

GOPO® is derived using a unique manufacturing process that maximises the treatment’s joint health properties. GOPO® is heat and light-sensitive, so cultivation of the rose-hips, harvesting, and processing of the active ingredient must all take place in a carefully controlled environment in order to maintain the highest possible levels of GOPO®.

Unlike other commercially-available rose-hip products, GOPO® is created using gentle, low-temperature drying processes with low humidity. The complete drying process lasts no more than a few days to ensure high content levels of all the heat and light-sensitive active ingredients.

Other rose-hip products are typically dried in the sun or in shaded areas with high day/night temperature fluctuations using a process that lasts several weeks. These non-standardised drying procedures introduce a significant risk of dramatic reductions in active ingredient content, which may impact the efficacy of the product in maintaining joint health.


            How GOPO® works

                  GOPO® works by discouraging large numbers of white blood cells from accumulating in the
                  joint, therefore breaking the vicious cycle and alleviating pain.


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