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The benefits of GOPO®

GOPO® has been evaluated in numerous rigorously-conducted, placebo-controlled clinical trials involving hundreds of patients with arthritis (both OA and RA). Efficacy results have been consistently positive.

The extensive evidence base demonstrates that GOPO®:

  • Significantly and rapidly reduces joint pain
  • Reduces the number of tender and swollen joints
  • Improves joint mobility and daily activity levels
  • Reduces morning stiffness
  • Improves mood, sleep quality, energy and well-being
  • Reduces the need for painkillers
  • May be more effective than paracetamol and glucosamine
  • Has no known side-effects, contraindications and no interactions with other arthritis medications
  • Has no known adverse effects during pregnancy or breast feeding

The Evidence for GOPO®

GOPO® has been extensively studied in clinical trials involving more than 400 patients with chronic joint conditions.