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How GOPO® works

GOPO® works as a natural anti-inflammatory. Some white blood cells in the body contain granulocytes (a group of white blood cells defined on the basis of their granular appearance under microscopic examination) which enable them to ‘clean’ an inflamed OA joint by destroying the bacteria in it.

However, too many of these white blood cells can actually wear down the tissue cartilage - in large numbers they can also produce chemical enzymes and toxic free-radicals, which cause even more tissue damage. It is the accumulation of white blood cells combined with the release of chemical substances that causes pain and inflammation in the joint.

The more inflamed the joint becomes, the more the white blood cells are attracted to it, so the process is cyclical.

GOPO® works by discouraging large numbers of white blood cells from accumulating in the joint, therefore breaking the vicious cycle and alleviating pain.


                   The benefits of GOPO®

                             GOPO® has been evaluated in numerous rigorously-conducted, placebo-controlled
                             clinical trials involving hundreds of patients.

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